Atticus James Li

Atticus comes from a background in Business Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Finance. 

His main focuses are consumer behaviors, investor choice selection, and game theories. Atticus enjoys studying complex Social/Economics/Financial systems and figuring out the underlying mechanics behind it. 


Currently, Atticus is interested in economic warfare, big data, and the shift from the attention to the trust economy. 

His words to live by are "Everything is marketing and sales. Once you understand this you will never need a financial advisor that is not a fiduciary." 

Paul Schnorenberg


Paul comes from a background in Statistics, Political Science, and Education Administration.


His main focuses and interests are political behavior, institutions, and decision making. Paul is obsessed with how things overlap and intersect and want to educate others on how certain topics are relevant to both the individual and larger pictures.


Paul believes knowledge is useful, but not if you don't apply it or exercise it in what you do.


His words to live by are "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying" and "Probability is everything."

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