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I am Atticus Li, and I am a behavioral architect and writer. When I was 18, I backpacked in Europe for 2 months to prove to myself that I could navigate in this world, and this led to many of my solo travel adventures around the world. These adventures have allowed me to build many personal connections with many successful individuals in the fields of Economics & Finance, Technology, and Human optimizations. 

My journey of entrepreneurship started when I was 22. I was traveling in China, and I brought back a product and later marketed in the USA and built my first LLC business around it. I am obsessed with business strategies such as market research, trends, finance, and branding. 

After graduating from college with a degree in Business Economics, I was unsatisfied with my environment and wanting to test myself more.

I decided to give away 95% of my belongings and moved into a van. My mission was to explore new environments, seek out mentors, and sustain a minimal lifestyle as a digital nomad. During this trip, I connected with a muti-millionaire (Jeffrey Peterson) that took me on as an honorary co-founder of a 2.5 million dollar funded start-up Leads.inc.

I built this online academy for ambitious people who are frustrated with the current education system and want to learn what really works in creating a fullfilling life.

Atticus Li