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Financial Knowledge

We are here to guide you on the correct path to personal finance. 

No hyped-up marketing - Just research-backed university-level course on what you need to do to start building your financial future.

Financial Advice

We do not belong to any investment firms and we have no incentive to sell you any investment opportunities. 

There will be additional personalized advisory available if the client requests.

Our team can help with investment research and evaluation, business balance sheet analysis, and financial strategies to optimize your situation. 


Behavioral Strategies

We will teach you the most valuable principles of behavioral finance.

People are predictably irrational, and poor habits and decisions are frequent roadblocks to financial wellness and success.


You can be given all the necessary knowledge but this will not guarantee that you will act on it.

Our course is designed with this in mind and we have embedded behavioral "nudges" to help you take immediate action. 

Automated Budgeting System

Sticking to a budget is hard. 

Our behavioral architects know this and have created a budgeting system that is easy to implement and effective at getting you stick to your budget.

Value Investing Fundamentals

We do not believe in any "get rich quick" schemes.


There will be no options trading, technical analysis, or any complicated trading strategies. 

We only teach the wisdom and advice of successful investors such as Benjamin Graham, Jack Bogle, and Warren Buffett.



Our Story

Unhack My Life Academy started when we realized that even though we have information available on the web, that information is often tainted with marketing incentives for our attention and for our wallet. 

Many people lack financial education because they have this perception that finance is complex and when they do try to learn finance they are bombarded with financial marketing materials and misguided advice. 

Many people are promised to make millions ended up losing money making risky and unsound investments.


We are here to change this.  

Who We Are

We are a group of academically trained behavioral economists and finance professionals here to demystify the financial industry for you. 

*We do not belong to any investment firms and we have no incentive to sell you any investment opportunities. 

Our mission is clear: To teach you the correct knowledge around personal finance and investments.  

Together we will help you create an automated budgeting and investing system that sets you on a path to financial security. 

Our Vision

Financial wellness and literacy are topics that cannot be avoided and we believe stability in these areas is the key to saving you stress and loss in many other areas of your life.


There is a lot more distraction out there than truth and we have designed a way to help you get there.


Randy Luna


It is clear that each of one of these units have been carefully researched. What you will learn can save you money every single year. Many people live their entire lives without knowing half of this information, and spent excess amounts of money without needing too! I am fortunate to gain this knowledge that I believe everyone should know!



Unhack My Life is a great page with tons of helpful information about personal finances. The admin is very responsive and helpful with questions. I'd recommend this page to everyone no matter what your background is



Really good and quick information that will save you hours and hours of research. Keeping things simple and condensed for those that are busy


Victoria Felicetti


I honestly love these facts and tips to make it easier to understand finances. The admins of the page take the time to answer all questions and recommend on what banks to use, card companies that are better to use, scams to watch out for, etc. I would highly recommend joining this page.



I'm enjoying my time in the program as I've found a platform with clarity and suitable for my learning curve. The information are well sorted and design for understanding. Well done.


Trisha Fuller


I'm blown away by the amount of valuable information that's provided. Some of it I've known, but a lot of it digs deeper into the interworking of personal finance. Highly recommend.



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