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Research-Based Behavioral Hacks
Strategies from Behavioral Economics & Finance and History


"Gain back control over our free times
and focus on the life-changing things."•



Wealth is accumulated through strategies

We have created a complete  Personal Finance course based on Behavioral economics and finance.

Take action now.


All actions are rooted in your personal philosophy, but how do we know what the best course of action is?

The problem that we face today is no different from the problems that people were facing thousands of years ago.

As humans, we all inherit the problems of the human condition.

 When we tap into ancient wisdom we receive time-tested guidance from people who have endured the struggles of the human condition.



Power is defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. We will be tapping into scholars such as Robert Greene and Niccolò Machiavelli and Marcus Aurelius.



We will be providing resources on how to achieve optimal health for you.

“The results of physical fitness are the direct opposites of those that follow from unfitness. The fit are healthy and strong, and many as a consequence save themselves decorously on the battle-field and escape all dangers of war; many help friends and do good to their country and for this they earn gratitude, glory and honor that leads to a better life and provide their children a better means of achieving a livelihood” – Socrates



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